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Alternatives Beauty School accepts applications from a diverse population. Diversity enhances and enriches the educational experience of the students.  Upon visiting Alternatives Beauty School, the Admission Staff will be available to answer questions and provide a tour of the facility or feel free to schedule an appointment.  The admissions procedure is uniform to all programs. 

New evening classes begin monthly and day classes every 2 months.  New students are required to attend a one-day orientation.  Admissions are an ongoing process. 

This is a career that allows an individual to become their own boss. If interested in joining the Cosmetology Industry, this field requires standing for long hours and dedicating time to build a clientele. However, if an applicant owes child support, has a felony or default on a student loan it can prohibit licensure.

Alternatives Beauty School reserves the right to limit the enrollment and make revisions to this student handbook. All revisions will be posted in a timely matter. These revisions may include, but are not limited to tuition fees, program offerings, curricula course and their subsequent requirements.  Alternatives Beauty School is committed to the policy of providing educational opportunities to all qualified students regardless of their economic or social status.

Students transferring from another cosmetology school must provide an official transcript from the previous school. A minimum of 400 clock hours will be accepted, additional will be accepted at the discretion of the school. The student will be charged the per hour rate for tuition for any hours remaining. The student will be charged a $100.00 registration fee. The student will be required to purchase a Alternatives Beauty School student kit and a school t-shirt, a book and workbook, if needed.

Credits for previous training will be given only if certified transcript is presented from a licensed cosmetology school.  Credit for out of state training must be submitted to the governing state board of cosmetology before being accepted by the school.

All course work hours and tuition will be adjusted accordingly and the proper agency notified.  All record of previous education will be maintained in the student’s record file. If a student wishes to transfer to another school, he/she must submit a written notice within 10 days prior to departure date. Transfers will not be approved until all financial agreements are current. 

All students must wear Alternatives Beauty School shirts everyday with black pants. This is an industry of appearance and image. 
Students must come to school with their hair and makeup in a professional manner. The student must be clean and concerned with every aspect of personal and oral hygiene. The student clothes must be cleaned and pressed, and be in good condition with no rips, holes, or fraying. This is part of the school dress code. Remember, we are in a professional industry. 

  • Black Slacks
  • Black Knee Shorts
  • Black Capri Pants
  • No Denim at all (except Fridays)
  • NO Leggings
  • NO Jogging pants
  • NO Skirts
  • Black sweaters 
  • Alternatives Beauty School Shirt or Black shirt–NO HOODIES


Students must successfully complete all phases of study, required exams, practical projects, and clinic assignments for the course. Students must also pass with a grade average of 75% and/or higher. All debts owed to the Alternatives Beauty School must be paid in full or payment plan arranged before graduating. Successful students are invited to participate in a formal commencement exercise where a Certificate of Completion upon satisfactory will be issued. An official transcript will be issued once all financial obligations are met. 

Upon graduating from Alternatives Beauty School, the following are requirements for obtaining a state license: 

•    Be a graduate of a school approved by the (state) Board of Cosmetology, having the XXX required number of hours for the selected course. 
•    Register and pay the required fees for testing with (your,).  
•    Pass a written/practical examination on the knowledge of the occupation administered by (your

Each student is responsible for scheduling their own testing dates. Registration can be accomplished online with a VISA, MASTERCARD or DEBIT CARD.

Alternatives Beauty School is committed to assisting in the placement of every graduate seeking a job, not only upon graduation, but also for three years afterwards.  Alternatives Beauty School Cannot and Does Not guarantee any employment to any student/graduate. The school has numerous local contacts and can provide assistance to those graduate students who are interested. 

It will be opening in Fall 2024

ABS is not participating in financial aid through the government. We are taking every measure to ensure our students are debt free upon graduation. No one should avoid applying to ABS on the basis of financial need.

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